LEVERAGE INTERNATIONAL (CONSULTANTS) INC. is a Philippine consulting company organized in 1975 by a group of former government and business officers who played key roles in developing industrial and investment programs.  Together, they brought to the company their individual track records in government planning and project evaluation services and their combined operational experience of over 80 years in industry. The company was accredited by the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, USAID, CIDA and DANIDA.  It is a member of the ECCP and MAP. Since it was established, Leverage has assisted a growing list of foreign and local clients in developing their business.


The company' s principal services include:


·       Strategic planning

·       Market, economic and industry studies

·       Project planning

·       Project development

·       Project feasibility studies

·       General management of projects

·       Organization of conferences and exhibitions


Recognizing that trade fairs and exhibitions are effective conduits for international trade, investments and technology transfer, Leverage established strategic business partnerships with international exhibition organizers in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Italy, Germany and Japan. To add value to its   exhibitions, Leverage organized high- level business conferences back - to - back with the exhibitions.


Conferences Organized by Leverage:



Organized for the ASEAN Centre for Energy based in Jakarta, this is the counterpart business forum of the ASEAN energy private stakeholders held back - to - back with the annual ASEAN MINISTERS OF ENERGY MEETING (AMEM.)


Locations held: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Brunei



This is a face - to - face meeting between the 10 ASEAN Ministers of Energy and selected 15 - 20 international companies to discuss major projects in the Region and issues concerning these projects. This is usually held during the days of the AMEM.


Locations held:  Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Brunei



In the Philippines, Leverage is the owner and organizer of 2 major annual events:



This is an international exhibition with an International Business Forum, first organized in 1995, in collaboration with the Department of Energy at the height of the worst energy crisis in the country. Since then, this business forum has become the regular annual venue for potent discussions and debates for policy and regulatory issues affecting the energy sector.



This is an international annual gathering of government - private sector partnership for security of every aspects of the nation. First organized in 2005, in collaboration with the Anti -Terrorism Task Force as an aftermath of the New York 9/11 terrorist attack, its initial focus was protection against terrorism. Over the years, focus expanded to prevailing serious threats - to global economic crisis - to natural disasters - to pandemics - to cybersecurity.


Leverage has also organized and managed conferences for the World Bank, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the British Agricultural Council and other international organizations.